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Panevezio stiklas, SC started its production in 1965 and it is one of the biggest enterprises in Baltics as producing glass products.

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Quality control


FleXinspect-T can inspect products at speeds of up to 400 BPM (bottles per minute). Quality inspection with the latest generation SCOUT software includes:
– Visual/camera inspection of the bottle head and neck inner diameter,
– Visual/camera inspection of the head,
– Visual/camera inspection of the neckring,
– Visual and cameral inspection of bottle body defects and inclusions and LED inspection of the bottom,
– Glass crack (checks) control,
– Control of glass tensions (stresses),
– Bottle wall thickness measurements,
– Bottle mould number reading.


FleXinspect C can inspect glassware at speeds up to 600 BPM (bottles per minute). Checking with the latest generation of SCOUT software includes:
– Specific defects and inclusions in the bottle body,
– The outer dimensions/diameters of the bottle,
– The height of the bottle,
– The lean of the bottle, i.e. the deviation from the vertical axis.

In addition, the quality of the bottles is continuously checked in the production laboratory

In addition, the quality of the bottles is continuously checked in the production laboratory according to set plans and schedules:

– Bottle weight, capacity, verticality, glass thickness, geometric dimensions of the head and the whole bottle.
– The tests to be carried out are resistance to internal hydrostatic pressure, impact test and thermal shock.
– The thickness of the bottle surface coatings, the degree of annealing and the degree of slip are measured.
– The color parameters of the glass, such as light transmission and the wavelength of the predominant color, are also controlled.