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Panevezio stiklas, SC started its production in 1965 and it is one of the biggest enterprises in Baltics as producing glass products.

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Panevėžys glass plant was started being built in 1961. Since the January 18th, 1996 it has been named as Joint Stock Company “PANEVĖŽIO STIKLAS”, and it is one of the biggest industrial enterprises in the North-East of Lithuania.

The first production was float glass produced in March 1965 by four vertical glass tension machines of 2 m wide. There were frame breakers of glass panes and mechanic tables of glass engraving installed, vertical glass transportation replaced by horizontal one during the reconstruction of production department in the same year. There was also the second line of dosage and mixing raw materials installed, the silo-depot for lime soda built. In the year 1966 the second production department started the production of insulating glass units. There were 2 technologic lines mounted producing units of size 194x194x98 mm. In 1967 there was the 3rd technologic line installed.

After the reconstruction of ceramic department in 1972 there was the production of glass mosaic tiles started and later on the decoration of the glass tiles.
In 1974 the building of glass fibre department was finished and two technologic lines mounted. Later there were additional 4 technologic lines installed and a new department of binder preparation built.

After the fall of Soviet Union and due to the change of the market situation there was the production of all the articles stopped in 1992, except of float glass.

59 Years of experience

Joint-stock company Panevėžio stiklas, which started its production activities in 1965, is one of the largest companies in the Baltic States producing and processing glass products. During its long years of operation, AB Panevėžio stiklas has been able to gain authority and recognition among customers and business partners in both Lithuanian and foreign markets.

Currently, AB Panevėžio stiklas manufactures and sells transparent glass containers, flat tempered glass, flat thermally reinforced glass, flat laminated glass, and glass packages.

AB “Panevėžio stiklas” motto: The best quality glass products and service for all our customers!